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AMA Project Management
(an Anthony Mason Associates, Inc. Company)
An Introduction to AMA, Inc.

AMA Project Management (an Anthony Mason Associates, Inc. Company - AMA) was formed in 1984 and incorporated in 1987 in response to an increasing Client demand for independent Project Managers to represent them in competitive team selection, bidding, contract negotiation, and the subsequent control of the design and construction process through occupancy and project close-out.

Since our formation, AMA has been at the forefront in refining this emergent profession, by separating the management function of a project process from its master planning, land use approvals, design and construction implementation. Through the application of a hands-on management style, we have successfully provided Clients with these services on many significant, intricate, complex and fast track projects of all types, sizes and values.

"AMA Project Management (an Anthony Mason Associates, Inc. Company - AMA) is a Real Estate Project Management Consultancy who specializes in managing every aspect of the Real Estate project assessment and delivery process. While we can be hired at any point within the process, our services include the Project Management of building selection, due diligence investigations, (including lease/ purchase negotiations as applicable), consultant team selection, the design and City Approvals processes, General Contractor selection and bidding, managing the project's design and construction process including budget and schedule, base building and tenant improvement construction, procurement and installation of furniture and equipment, equipment commissioning and start-up, client relocation and project closeout."

AMA is a Project Management Consultancy comprising highly qualified and diversely experienced design and construction industry professionals with an average of 30 years of experience, who can represent its Client in the Project Management of all phases of the property development process.

Our services can be provided from the inception of the idea through project type evaluation and feasibility analysis, the City planning entitlements and approvals process, the selection of the Consultant team and their contract negotiations and fee, due diligence surveys, lease negotiations and Tenant Work Letter development, through the design process and the competitive bidding of the project and its construction (core & shell and tenant improvements). AMA services can also include the Project Management of fixtures, furniture and equipment selection, installation, testing and start-up, Client move-in and project close-out. Although our service can be provided at any stage of the project, for maximum effectiveness, the earlier the involvement of the Project Manager the better, as this maximizes the opportunity to influence the projects outcome. Although we are professionally qualified to do so, AMA does not offer Design, General Contracting or move coordination services as we believe that this will compromise our independence, integrity and objectivity as Project Managers. AMA therefore represents the Client in the coordination and management of the project in the pursuit of the Clients project objectives as our sole occupation and focus. 

Client’s recognized their increasing need for professional Project Management assistance due to:

  1. The intricacies of the planning approvals process.
  2. The increasing complexity of projects with a greater data and technology component.
  3. The need for greater integration between design and construction to speed the project completion for earlier Client occupancy and operational start up.
  4. The increasing cost of construction, and operating equipment.
  5. The increased and sometimes overwhelming administrative demand placed on the client by the design and construction process.
  6. A shortfall in the availability of sufficiently experienced design and construction company staff in the industry to fulfill the demand for these professions which necessitates greater client involvement and representation to control the project and ensure its successful completion.
  7. The growing trend of Architect’s to focus on the design aspect of their role and less on their traditional role as “Client Representative” leaving a void in the management process of the project.
  8. Downsizing of many Client organizations and the reduction or elimination of qualified in-house Client management resources to manage the project for the client.

As Project Managers, AMA positions itself as the Clients Project Manager acting as a virtual extension of the Client’s organization as the “Client Representative”. AMA relieves the Client of the project responsibility and burden of creating, staffing and managing an organization to monitor, control and manage the design and construction of its new facility.  Our role is to represent the Client’s best interest at all times and provide the Client with recommendations, support, alternative solutions to the problem and once approved by the client, represent the Client in the project execution until it is successfully completed.

While we pride ourselves in our management expertise, objective decision making ability and leadership qualities, the experience and qualifications of AMA’s principals in Architecture, Engineering, General Contracting, Construction Management, Design/Build Contracting, Project Coordination and Project Management which also provides us a working knowledge of all of the disciplines that we manage and thereby enables us to offer the highest level of service available in the Project Management discipline within the industry. Our experience allows us to plan ahead, avoid surprises and be in control of the project at all times, and thereby reliably and consistently achieve the Clients desired design statement without compromising the budget, the quality of construction, the function of the facility or the projects aesthetics or the schedule.

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